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Dan Housman

Dan HousmanDan Housman is a software veteran with a demonstrated track record of providing valuable and innovative decision support systems to large, complex organizations. Dan leads Recombinant By Deloitte’s strategy, product planning, and development, and is very active in Recombinant By Deloitte client engagements with a focus on translational research, bioinformatics and innovative approaches to data capture, analysis, and reporting for clinical quality and performance improvement. He has conceived and delivered a wide range of successful web-based analytical solutions for Recombinant By Deloitte clients including clinical performance dashboards, analytic and reporting solutions for performance metrics such as Meaningful Use and Physician Quality and Reporting System (PQRS), and clinical research and disease management registry systems.

Dan’s combination of technical and scientific knowledge is the source of innovative approaches to analytical platforms for healthcare data. His background in chemistry and biology, combined with his experience in clinical data warehousing and analytics, gives Dan insight into both genomic and clinical data, as well as their practical intersection for researchers. This led to creation of the tranSMART platform in collaboration with a Recombinant By Deloitte client, providing scientists with a self-service portal that integrates clinical, genomic, and literature data with powerful search and analysis tools, offering pharma/biotech companies and academic centers a different way to leverage data and improve research productivity.

Prior to co-founding Recombinant By Deloitte, Dan founded a company that pioneered Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and ecommerce applications. His vision and leadership helped to create a business delivering demand chain requirement solutions to clients.

Dan earned a BS in Chemistry and Biology from MIT in 1995.

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