About IEEE Life Sciences

IEEE has been involved in and continues to richly seed several life science disciplines. Within IEEE there is a variety of ongoing research, publications, conferences, and educational outreach in and related to the Life Sciences.

The IEEE Life Science Technical Community (LSTC) fosters collaboration and communication among an array of IEEE Societies making contributions in the Life Sciences, to provide a broad-based home for IEEE members who are interested in some aspects of the life sciences. LSTC also seeks to create a virtual community for stakeholders that have interests in technology and its application in life sciences, including technology companies, hospitals, government organizations, pharmaceutical company researchers, and university researchers.

With the breadth of the organization, IEEE is able to provide a wide diversity of expertise, information, resources, and the vision necessary to realize the full potential of rapidly-advancing life science fields.

Furthermore, along the objective of IEEE, “Advancing Technology for the Benefit of Humanity”, the Life Sciences Community relies on its Life Sciences & technology practitioners to study the positive as well as the negative effects of technology on users and organizations. It thus works to formulate guidelines that will help people & organizations take advantage of the positive aspects of technology use while avoiding its potential pitfalls.