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Christine Kurihara

Christine KuriharaChristine Kurihara is Manager of Special Projects, for the Stanford Biodesign Program, Stanford, CA. In this capacity, she oversees IT, web and infrastructure projects for the program. Her current tasks include the development of a online companion for the new Biodesign textbook, She also facilitates fundraising activities for Biodesign.

As Associate Director of the Global Biodesign Programs, she oversees two fellowship programs (India and Singapore) and is the primary point of contact for global relationships. She helps manage the Biodesign Global Exchange Program which supports Stanford students, fellows and faculty working on projects based on global needs.

She is responsible for a number of other websites in conjunction with Biodesign including for the BME Academic community and, a social networking site for persons interested in the development of the medical device industry in India.

Christine Kurihara joined the Stanford Biodesign program after an eleven-year career with Stanford in the area of media services. In her previous role she spearheaded media development efforts for an on-campus service unit, where her team produced websites, online courseware, video and broadcast products. Prior to Media Solutions, she was the first coordinator of the Stanford University website. She has produced many websites at Stanford both independently and with her media team. In 1997, Kurihara was co-chair of the Sixth International World Wide Web Conference.

Prior to Stanford, Christine worked for The Aerospace Corporation for twelve years in the area of Computer-Aided Engineering development.

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