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Editor’s Comment

By Tobias Cibis, Chief Editor, Life Science Technical Committee

Dear Reader,

As editor it becomes my main focus to organize, create and coordinate valuable content for this newsletter. Together with the Life Science Technical Committee Chairs, the editorial team has tried to define a frame of content; content which is in the scope of life sciences and of particular interest for the readership. Through many sessions of intense discussions, it became clear, that the field of content is as diverse as the sponsoring societies for IEEE Life Sciences. In every field, so it seems, there is always a connection to life science, may it be through a biomedical or technical concept, life science motivated research or an application scenario. The unique diversity makes it very interesting to explore and discover the field of life sciences and all its facets ranging through the areas of research, academia and industry.

We design the newsletter as a forum for Life Sciences, presenting articles, columns and interviews from experts about trending topics, promoting upcoming events of Life Science and partners and reporting on past events with life science representation.

In this issue, the first from the Life Science Committee, we start with the essence of our life, the first instance of the creation of life, DNA and Genomics. Modern technologies are becoming more and more capable to analyze and assess genetic mechanisms and subsequently using these technologies to enhance human health or improvement in agriculture. This issue’s articles focus on next generation DNA analysis, algorithms/AI-approaches for genomics and a research profile about cerebral palsy, which refers to a group of permanent disorders affecting muscle coordination and movement from early childhood.

I would like to welcome you to get in contact with us. Let us know if you have any suggestions, questions, comments or interest in contributing to the Life Science Newsletter. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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Tobias CibisTobias Cibis,
Chief Editor,
Life Science Technical Committee,


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