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HIMSS15: The Latest and Greatest in Healthcare IT on Display in Chicago

From 12-16 April, approximately 40,000 people converged at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, for the 2015 HIMSS Annual Conference—the largest health IT event in the industry. Keynote speakers and industry booths brought attendees together to view the latest in healthcare IT and debate topics ranging …

Interoperability an Essential Component for Disaster Medicine

Interoperability an Essential Component for Disaster Medicine

One among many important focus areas at HIMSS15 was “disaster preparedness” – encompassing systems stability and communication network viability during regional disasters as well as ways to prepare for and address crises such as the Ebola virus outbreak in healthcare facilities.

All-in-One: Multipurpose Healthcare Tool Takes Us Into the Future

by Cynthia Weber
The US$10 million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, sponsored by the Qualcomm Foundation, hopes to bring healthcare’s future to the palm of our hands. With the Star Trek tricorder serving as the ideal model, this global competition has inspired teams to create affordable, portable, hand-held …

Assistive Wearable Robotics: Healthcare’s New Clothes

by Denis Huen, Jindong Liu, and Benny Lo
Inspired by exoskeleton animals, a new form of robotics—wearable robots—have recently been introduced and attracted much attention with applications that range from enabling patients with paraplegia to walk to introducing superhuman capabilities. There are mainly two types of …

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May 2015 Contributors

Denis HuenDenis Huen is an M.Res. candidate in Medical Robotics and Image Guided Intervention at the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, Imperial College London. He is interested in fields related to nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, and biologically inspired robotics. Currently, his research focuses mainly on assistive wearable robotics for healthcare applications. Read more

Jindong LiuJindong Liu is a research fellow at the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, Imperial College London. He is interested in fields related to biologically inspired mobile robotics. He obtained a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Essex where he built a biologically inspired autonomous robotic fish. Between 2008-2010, he studied the computational human auditory system and developed a computational mammalian auditory system applied to the sound localization on mobile robotics at University of Sunderland. In 2010, he joined the Hamlyn Centre, Imperial College London. Now he is focusing on natural human-robot speech interaction, pervasive sensing, and medical robots. Read more

Benny Ping Lai LoBenny Ping Lai Lo is Lecturer at the Hamlyn Centre and the Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London. Dr. Lo received his PhD in Computing from Imperial College London. His research interests include body sensor networks, pervasive computing, microelectronics, Bayesian networks, computer vision, temporal tracking, machine learning, image segmentation, and wearable robotics. Read more