Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Genomics

By Chris Lee, Bioionfotronics Research Center

Bioinfotronics Research Center

Based on algorithm/architecture co-design, our team at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and the National Center for High Speed Computing (NCHC) has been studying analytics algorithm and analytics architecture at specific or cross levels-of-abstraction including algorithm, system architecture, and microarchitecture in spanning the ABCs (Algorithm, Big Data/Storage, and Cloud/Edge/Computing) of Artificial Intelligence in genomics.  Based upon mathematical fundamentals as foundations for complexity aware analytical algorithms anticipating high accuracy, intelligent, flexible, and efficient low-power analytics parallel and reconfigurable architectures, including both software and hardware has been be concurrently explored and designed, whereby our team envisions efficient exploration of genomic informatics in Precision Medicine including e.g. prediction of chemotherapy induced toxicities with high accuracy.

Chris Lee
Bioionfotronics Research Center