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LSGCC 2013

2013 IEEE Life Sciences Grand Challenges Conference (LSGCC)
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LSGCC 2013 Keynote Speakers

2013 IEEE Life Sciences Grand Challenges Conference (LSGCC)
Keynote Speakers
Prof. Tan Chohr Chuan Deputy Chairman, A*STAR President, National University of Singapore
Professor Tan Chorh Chuan was appointed President of the National University of Singapore in Dec 2008. He is concurrently the Deputy Chairman of A*STAR.
A renal …

LSGCC 2012 Session 5

Session 5 – Cancer
This session, “Cancer”, featured speakers Stephen Wong, and Rashid Bashur. Photos include the speakers, panel and moderator, and attendees’ questions.

LSGCC 2012 Session 4

Session 4 – Translation – From Bench to Bedside
This session, “Translation – From Bench to Bedside”, featured speakers Guang-Zhong Yang, Arthur Erdman, Jeffrey Shuren, Randall Schiestl, and Robert Fischell. Photos include the speakers, moderators, and the panel.

LSGCC 2012 Session 3

Session 3 – Education and Training
This session, “Education and Training”, featured speakers Freeman Hrabowski, III, Raphael Lee, Richard Baird, and Melur (Ram) Ramasubramanian. Photos include the speakers, the panel and attendee questions.

LSGCC 2012 Session 2

Session 2 – Heart Diseases and Cardiovascular Systems
This session, “Heart Diseases and Cardiovascular Systems”, featured speakers Roger Kamm, Zhi-Pei Liang, Laura Niklason, and Yuan-Ting Zhang. The photos include shots of the panel discussion and attendees’ questions.

LSGCC 2012 Session 1

Session 1 – Brain Disorders and Nervous Systems
This session, “Brain Disorders and Nervous Systems”, featured speakers P. Hunter Peckham, Jerrold Vitek, Shangkai Gao, and Gianluca Lazzi. Photos include the speakers, moderators, panel, and attendee questions.

LSGCC 2012 Reception

Following the first day’s sessions, participants attended a Welcome Reception at the Marriott Washington Metro Center.

LSGCC 2012 Participants

Attendees at the Conference were participants in a very real sense: audience members were invited to ask questions of Keynote Speakers; after each Session, the speakers met in a panel and interacted with the attendees; and all attendees were able to join in the breakout …

LSGCC 2012 Other

Conference attendees were able to learn more about the IEEE Life Sciences Initiative at our exhibit table. Also, members of the Life Sciences Project Team attended LSGCC and participated in a dinner meeting on Oct 3 to discuss the 2013 work plan.