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IEEE Life Sciences Bringing Together Expertise from Various Societies
By Nahum Gershon

IEEE Life Sciences Technical Community Bringing Together Expertise from Various IEEE Societies

IEEE is able to provide a wide diversity of expertise, information, and resources that are related to health and to the life sciences. This expertise, however, is often distributed across many organizations, thus posing challenges for integrating the expertise and collaboration among organizations. One of the important functions of the Life Sciences Technical Community (LSTC) is its ability to bring together expertise from the various IEEE societies and organizations and have these entities work as a whole.

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Feature Article

The Knotty Problem of Bringing Regenerative Medicine to Market
By Alvin Powell, Harvard Staff Writer

The Knotty Problem of Bringing Regenerative Medicine to Market

The field of regenerative medicine is poised to break out, generating treatments and cures for a host of ailments and becoming the foundation for a new branch of biomedical industry. Harvard Office of Technology Development’s FUSION symposium brought science and business leaders together to discuss both scientific progress in regenerative medicine and the critical process of getting scientific advances out of the lab and into patients’ hospital rooms.

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