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Shahram Ebadollahi

Dr. Shahram EbadollahiDr. Shahram Ebadollahi is the senior manager of the Healthcare Systems and Analytics Research at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York. He and the team of scientists working with him conduct research in the broad area of health informatics. Dr. Ebadollahi is especially interested in the applications of data mining and machine learning to large patient population data for deriving insights and evidence for decision support in healthcare. He has several publications in these areas and have received best paper awards for some of those publications, namely in the area of patient similarity analysis.

Dr. Ebadollahi is also the Program Manager for IBM’s Healthcare Transformation Big Bet. This is an initiative started by IBM Research in early 2010 with the aim of enabling an Evidence-Centric Healthcare Eco-system by providing novel I/T platforms and applications.

He founded the Medical Informatics community in IBM Research worldwide in 2009 and chaired this community until early 2011. In this capacity, he defined the mission and the scientific directions for IBM Research involvement in the broader medical informatics community outside IBM.

Dr. Ebadollahi has also actively conducted research and published in the domains of multimedia content analysis and retrieval, event recognition in multimedia content, computer vision, and medical imaging.

Dr. Ebadollahi received his PhD and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University before joining IBM Research. He is also an adjunct faculty with the department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University in New York.

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