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Ritu Kamal

Ritu KamalRitu Kamal works at Stanford Biodesign Program, Stanford, CA, as a Global Research Project Manager. She has previously worked at Roche Diagnostics as a Scientist and was a 2010 Stanford India Biodesign Fellow. Her background is in biomedical engineering, in which she has a Masters from the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated from Princeton University in 2007 with a Bachelors in electrical engineering. Post graduation, she received a fellowship from Princeton-in-Africa and spent a year in South Africa working in health care delivery and prevention of HIV/AIDS from mothers to new-born children. Ritu is committed to engaging with healthcare systems in entrepreneurial ways and to leveraging technology to reduce disease burdens in the developing world.

Ritu is also the author of two books on Indian philosophy and science. The first book, Panch Kanya, was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, 2002 and is in its second edition. The second book, Prapanch Kanya, a sequel to the first, was published in January 2008.

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