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Mark D. McDonnell

Mark D. McDonnellMark D. McDonnell (Senior Member, IEEE) is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Telecommunications Research, University of South Australia, where he is Principle Investigator of the Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience. He previously received a PhD in Electronic Engineering from The University of Adelaide, Australia, in 2006. His interdisciplinary research focuses on the application of computational and engineering methods to advance scientific knowledge about the influence of noise and random variability in brain signals and structures during neurobiological computation. His contributions to this area have been published in over 70 papers, including several review articles, and a book on stochastic resonance published by Cambridge University Press. He has won a number of awards, including an Australian Research Fellowship from the Australian Research Council in 2010, and a South Australian Tall Poppy Award for Science in 2008.

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