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Ian Lumb

Ian Lumb

For about eight years, Ian Lumb had the good fortune to engage with customers and partners at the forefront of HPC plus Grid and Cloud computing. For all but one of those eight years, Ian was employed by Platform Computing Inc. (now an IBM company). During the final year of the eight, Ian focused on Linux clusters while working for Scali Inc. (Scali was subsequently acquired by Platform.) In 2006, Ian returned to Toronto’s York University, where he lead the institution’s campus networking team. More recently, in late 2011, Ian engaged directly in leadership-class HPC through a systems-engineering role with tools vendor Allinea Software Inc.

Ian holds a B.Sc. from Montreal’s McGill University as well as an M.Sc. in Physics & Astronomy from York University; in both his undergraduate and graduate degrees, Ian’s studies emphasized the physics of Earth’s interior and its atmosphere.

In his new role (April 2013) as Solutions Architect with Bright Computing, Inc., Ian is involved in crafting solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness organizations as they grapple with the challenges and opportunities of managing their on-premise resources, as well as their extended resources in the cloud.

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