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Bin He

Bin HeBin He is Distinguished McKnight University Professor,a Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Neuroscience, and Director of Biomedical Functional Imaging and Neuroengineering Laboratory at the University of Minnesota. He also serves as Director of the Center for Neuroengineering, Director of the NSF IGERT Neuroengineering Training Program, Director of the NIH Neuroimaging Training Program, as well as Associate Director for Research of the Institute for Engineering in Medicine, at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. He’s research interests include functional biomedical imaging, neuroengineering, cardiovascular engineering, and biomedical instrumentation. He has published over 170 articles in peer-reviewed core international journals. He has also delivered over 230 plenary, keynote and invited talks in various international conferences and in a number of institutions world-wide.

Dr. He is an elected Fellow of the International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering, IEEE, the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, the Institute of Physics (U.K.), and the International Society for Functional Source Imaging. He has served as an Associate Editor or Guest Editor of over 10 core international journals in the field of biomedical engineering, and served in a number of program/advisory committees of international conferences.

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