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Editor’s Comment

By Tobias Cibis

Dear Reader,

This newsletter is special, as it is the first special issue of the IEEE Life Sciences Community. In our special issues, we focus on one specific topic at hand. These topics are in the scope of the life sciences and of great interest to our community.

The first special issue is dedicated to the topic “Consumer Technology Meets Health Care”. Presenting a variation of articles about digital health with consumer technology and it’s functionality, challenges and comparisons to medical devices and aspects of privacy and cybersecurity.

For this issue, we invited two guest editors, Nahum Gershon and Michael Ackermann, who took over the role in conceptualizing, gathering of content and implementing the special issue, together with author from the areas of consumer technology and life sciences.

We hope that this special issue will provide an overview and ideas about consumer technology and health care to you.

If you have an idea for a special issue in the life sciences community we would like to encourage you to get in contact.

Enjoy reading!

Editorial Contact:

Tobias Cibis
Editor in Chief,
Life Sciences Technical Community

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