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Editor’s Comment

By Tobias Cibis

Dear Reader,

Life science is sometimes more present in different research areas as you may think. To accurately cover the large scope, the IEEE Life Science Community and the Editorial Team explore new ways of collaboration with other IEEE Societies and Communities. Thus, we hope that the growing collaborations provide the opportunity for an open and wide communication in research. To kick things of, for this issue the LSTC leadership teamed up with IEEE Standards to bring together a feature on how standards come alive. Standards seek to uniformly generate specifications and procedures. The process of standards often seems to be quite complicated and difficult to start with. Thus, we tried, with our IEEE EMB Standards liaison Carole Carey, to outline the basics of standards and how to get started. Not only this, but we have included two current projects undergoing the process to establish standards, to show the big picture of standards.

Although the Life Sciences Newsletter is a small outlet and at its very beginning, it constitutes an attractive medium to communicate and present research and ideas, simply the contributor’s passion, and who doesn’t want to talk about their passions?

We are looking to get in contact with you and would like to help and provide the outlet to communicate your scientific passion.

Editorial Contact:

Tobias Cibis
Editor in Chief
Life Sciences Technical Community

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