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Your Virtual Assistant Will See You Now

One goal of the Aukland Face Simulator Project is to put a face on information technology—literally. Housed in the Laboratory of Animate Technologies, part of the Aukland Bioengineering Institute at the University of Aukland, New Zealand, the project is one of many efforts in artificial intelligence and computational models that simulate human characteristics and behaviors.

Simulated models such as the avatars shown in the video might serve as virtual assistants, or as personal educational systems. Spearheaded by Dr. Mark Sagar, a bioengineer with two Academy Awards to his credit, the research emerging from the lab—including BabyX, a computer-generated psychobiological simulation based on a toddler—promises to change the face of artificial intelligence.

For more on Mark Sagar and the Laboratory of Animate Technologies, refer to the article by Sarah Campbell, “Baby, Where Did You Get Those Eyes,” in the November/December IEEE Pulse:

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