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April 2013 eNewsletter

Views of Bio-IT 2013

By IEEE Life Sciences Staff

IEEE Life Sciences was at the Bio-IT 2013 Conference this year! If you were at the Conference, you may have seen us at Booth 407 in the Exhibit Hall. Or you may have attended Track 4 …

Enabling the Life Sciences: Cloud Computing for Smart People

By Ian Lumb

Bright Computing offers a broadly applicable cluster management solution for infrastructure both on the ground and in the cloud, as described in this article. (Incidentally, Bright Computing received a “Best of Show” award at Bio-IT this year.)

tranSMART: A Year of Innovation and Growth of an Open Source Community

By Dan Housman

tranSMART is an open source framework for knowledge management of translational research data including both molecular information such as DNA, RNA, and proteins along with clinical information such as clinical trial outcomes and patient demographics and disease conditions. Workshops …

Special Issue from Bio-IT World Conference

This month we bring you articles and views from the recent (April 9-11) Bio-IT World Conference and Exhibition in Boston MA, USA. IEEE Life Sciences was present at the Conference in several capacities. In addition to a pictorial view of the Conference, we present three …

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April 2013 Contributors

Nitish V. ThakorNitish V. Thakor is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, as well as the Director of the newly formed institute for neurotechnology, SiNAPSE, at the National University of Singapore. Read more

Ian LumbFor about eight years, Ian Lumb had the good fortune to engage with customers and partners at the forefront of HPC plus Grid and Cloud computing. For all but one of those eight years, Ian was employed by Platform Computing Inc... Read more

Dan HousmanDan Housman is a software veteran with a demonstrated track record of providing valuable and innovative decision support systems to large, complex organizations... Read more

Phil Heyneker is Director of Solutions Marketing at Okta, with an extensive background in bringing SaaS solutions to market, and in helping enterprises adopt new technologies and products. Read more