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A Novel Digital Phantom Using an Optical Noncontact Measurement System

By Xiaodong Yang (Member, IEEE), Aifeng Ren, Tianqiao Zhu, and Fangming Hu
Published May 13, 2016.

A Novel Digital Phantom Using an Optical Noncontact Measurement System

Digital phantoms are vital for various biomedical researches. Traditional phantoms include theoretical models and voxel models reconstructed from medical images. It has been demonstrated that the homogeneous phantom filled with uniform tissue is accurate enough for wearable antenna design, body-centric channel modeling, etc. Therefore, it is interesting and necessary to investigate the novel approach of generating digital phantoms using an optical noncontact measurement system. In this letter, the point cloud data are first obtained; then, they are simplified via principal component analysis; finally, by applying surface reconstruction and mesh simplification techniques, a digital Chinese phantom is established. To verify the usability of the phantom, numerical calculation is performed to check E-fields at different positions on the body. Results sufficiently prove the feasibility of the train of thought presented in this letter.

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