The Impact of Control Technology, 2nd Edition

IEEE Control Systems Society, 2014
Editors: T. Samad and A. Annaswamy

Full Report: The Impact of Control Technology, 2nd Edition

This report highlights a number of control technology accomplishments and presents prospects for future opportunities for the field. Presented here are individual flyers that are related to the field of life sciences.

Control in Stroke Rehabilitation
T. Exell, C. Freeman, K. Meadmore, A. Hughes, E. Hallewell, E. Rogers, and J. Burridge

Control Engineering for Cancer Therapy
A. Datta

Control of Powered Prosthetic Legs
R. Gregg, L. Hargrove, and J. Sensinger

Stair-climbing Assistive Robots
B. Strah and S. Rinderknecht

Modeling Cancer Dynamics and Tumor Heterogeneity
M. Vidyasagar