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Since Watson and Crick’s discovery of the structure of DNA, the pace of scientific discovery in life sciences has grown exponentially. This is partly due to the amazing development of technologies, especially in the areas of data acquisition and data analysis.

The advent of microarray technologies, nanotechnology and DNA sequencing techniques have generated massive amounts of data, which would have taken lifetimes to be processed without the power of computers. It has been said that life sciences will be the most computer-intensive scientific field of the 21st century.

The challenges to analyze such data may be recent in the field of life sciences, but tools and solutions already existed in the fields of engineering, mathematics, statistics and computer science. Presented here is a small subset of examples that show how several engineering fields can come together to bring solutions for life sciences’ challenges.

Feeling the Pressure

By Jeffrey Chun-Hui Lin, Yu Zhao, Po-Jui Chen, Mark Humayun, and Yu-Chong Tai

Congratulations Are In Order!

We are pleased to recognize the election in 2012 of a number of members of the Life Sciences Initiative leadership team as Fellows of The International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering (IAMBE). Congratulations to Bin He, Jose Principe, and Nitish Thakor! Also, congratulations to …

Incorporating a Robot into an Autism Therapy Team

By Michael A. Goodrich, Mark Colton, Bonnie Brinton, Martin Fujiki, J. Alan Atherton, and Lee Robinson, Brigham Young University, Daniel Ricks, US Air Force Flight Test Center, Margaret Hansen Maxfield, Intermountain Health Care, Aersta Acerson, Alpine School District