Dr. Martin KohnDr. Martin Kohn is Chief Medical Scientist for Care Delivery Systems in IBM Research. He is a leader in IBM's support for the transformation of healthcare, including development of personalized care, outcomes-based models and payment reform. His research work includes healthcare population analytics and the role of expert systems in the clinical decision process, including the use of the Watson supercomputer in healthcare. He speaks frequently on the issues on healthcare transformation, the role of information technology, the Patient Centered Medical Home and clinical decision support. Dr. Kohn is a co-author of IBM's white paper "Patient-Centered Medical Home - What, Why and How." He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Kohn was previously in IBM Healthcare Strategy and Change which helped healthcare systems and clinicians optimize process and make best use of health information technology. He has published multiple articles and book chapters on clinical, technical and management subjects. Dr. Kohn is an emergency physician with over 30 years of hospital-based practice and management experience. He is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American College of Physician Executives.

Articles Contributed

  • Featured Interview - Martin Kohn

    Dr. Martin Kohn is the Chief Medical Scientist for Health Care Delivery at IBM Research. Here he discusses work underway to apply the IBM Watson supercomputer to meet needs in the healthcare field today.

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  • "IBM Watson + Data analytics": a big data analytics approach for a learning healthcare system

    By Chalapathy Neti, Shahram Ebadollahi, Martin Kohn, David Ferrucci

    IBM Watson is a new class of industry specific analytical solutions that leverages deep content analysis and evidence based reasoning to accelerate and improve decisions and optimize outcomes.

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