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IEEE Life Sciences Letters (LSL)
is a peer-reviewed open-access
digital journal planned for
publication 1Q15
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Life Sciences Letters
Reverse Engineering
Animal Vision with
Virtual Reality and
Virtual Reality and advances in molecular
genetic tools are allowing scientists to make
substantial discoveries about how the brain
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Telemetry for
Medical Devices
Part 1 - Media Properties and Standards
Part one of an informative three-part series
addresses quantities and tissue properties,
regulations, standards, and safety limits.
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IEEE and the Life
Sciences - What's
the Connection?
Newly-formed IEEE Life Sciences Technical
Community (LSTC) formed to help build
collaboration and communication among IEEE
societies making contributions in the Life
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Why IEEE & Life Sciences?

Traditionally, the term life sciences has referred to several branches of science, such as biology, medicine, anthropology, or ecology, that describe living organisms and their organization... Read more

Video Spotlight

Stanford bioengineers create circuit board modeled on the human brain

Stanford bioengineers create circuit board modeled on the human brain

Stanford bioengineers have developed faster, more energy-efficient microchips based on the human brain - 9,000 times faster and using significantly less power than a typical PC. This offers greater possibilities for advances in robotics and a new way of understanding the brain. For instance, a chip as fast and efficient as the human brain could drive prosthetic limbs with the speed and complexity of our own actions.

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Feature Article

Life-Saving Devices for Pregnant Women

Life-Saving Devices for Pregnant Women

The Engineering for Change program recently highlighted products on the market for pregnant women.

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Education & Careers

Life sciences is a wide and dynamic field that is being energized by other disciplines. The boom that has been already observed in the bio-medical domain is extending to other areas of life sciences, accompanied by many career opportunities and more exciting challenges for educational institutions.


Chicago Biomedical Consortium: A Three-University Hub of Research

Chicago Biomedical Consortium: A Three-University Hub of Research

Three academic research facilities in Chicago are working together in a joint enterprise to transform research in biomedicine.

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  • Just announced - IEEE Life Sciences Letters (LSL), a new peer-reviewed, open access journal. Key scientific themes addressed by the journal will initially include personalized medicine, pharmaceutical engineering, synthetic biology, and systems biology.
  • Announcing a new standard for evaluating wearable, cuffless blood pressure devices
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