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New and Emerging Energy Sources for Implantable Wireless Microdevices

Flexible/biodegradable batteries, super-capacitors,
energy harvesting, and remote wireless powering

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Call for Papers:
IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging
New IEEE journal will publish research results where
computation plays an integral role in the image
formation process

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Human-Computer Interface Controlled
by the Lip
IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2016)
"Toward Innovative Nanosystems for Greater
Well Being"
22-25 May 2016, Montreal, Canada

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Why IEEE & Life Sciences?

Traditionally, the term life sciences has referred to several branches of science, such as biology, medicine, anthropology, or ecology, that describe living organisms and their organization... Read more

Video Spotlight

Detecting Eye Cancer with Your Smartphone

Blake Wilson: Pioneer of the Modern Cochlear Implant

The cochlear implant is one of the greatest innovations in modern medicine. Blake Wilson, DSc, DEng, is credited with inventing breakthrough sound-processing strategies used in modern cochlear implants to restore speech comprehension to the deaf. As a featured speaker at the Duke Engineering 75th Anniversary Lecture, listen to Blake Wilson describe the history and progress that made the modern cochlear implant possible, as well as some remaining problems and some possibilities for the future.

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Feature Article

Bringing Sight to the Blind

Bringing Sight to the Blind

Neuroscientist Sheila Nirenberg’s mission is to work toward an affordable prosthetic eye for people suffering from eye diseases. Having decoded the neural communication that translates light received by the retina into the images we see, she is developing an artificial retina that could help millions of people. Her prosthetic retina doesn’t require surgery, and is a combination of gene therapy and a wearable device.

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Education & Careers

Life sciences is a wide and dynamic field that is being energized by other disciplines. The boom that has been already observed in the bio-medical domain is extending to other areas of life sciences, accompanied by many career opportunities and more exciting challenges for educational institutions.

The Life Sciences Offer Job Opportunities for Engineers
By John R. Platt

Donna Hudson, Chair of the IEEE Life Sciences Technical Community (LSTC) and Nahum Gershon, committee member representing the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society on LSTC, spoke about the opportunities for engineers in the field of medicine and life sciences.

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