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IEEE Healthcom 2016
IEEE 2017 Life Sciences Conference
Sydney, Australia
December 2017

Multi-society Perspectives on
"Personalized Healthcare & Wearables"

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Why IEEE & Life Sciences?

Traditionally, the term life sciences has referred to several branches of science, such as biology, medicine, anthropology, or ecology, that describe living organisms and their organization... Read more

Video Spotlight

Building a Moral Robot - IEEE Spectrum Report

Building a Moral Robot - IEEE Spectrum Report

If robots are going to become a vital part of everyday life, it's important that they know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to decision making. As IEEE Spectrum's Kristen Clark reports, that's why a team of researchers is attempting to model moral reasoning in a robot.

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Feature Article

First DNA Sequencing in Space a Game Changer

First DNA Sequencing in Space a Game Changer

Editor: Kristine Rainey

For the first time ever, DNA was successfully sequenced in microgravity as part of the Biomolecule Sequencer experiment performed by NASA astronaut Kate Rubins this weekend aboard the International Space Station. The ability to sequence the DNA of living organisms in space opens a whole new world of scientific and medical possibilities. Scientists consider it a game changer.

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Education & Careers

Life sciences is a wide and dynamic field that is being energized by other disciplines. The boom that has been already observed in the bio-medical domain is extending to other areas of life sciences, accompanied by many career opportunities and more exciting challenges for educational institutions.

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